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Suzi Roher Featured In July 2009 Cosmopolitan Magazine

Article entitled “I’m Your Venus” features Suzi Roher’s belt style #5015, made from luscious black leather and has a matte black turn-key buckle.

Toronto-based fashion belt designer Suzi Roher’s fashion belt (style #5015) is featured in the July issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. This is the second consecutive month that Cosmopolitan has featured Suzi Roher’s unique fashion belts in a high fashion pictorial.

The pictorial, “I’m Your Venus,” features a a sleek and sexy brunette model posing among the exhibits Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York City. Photographer Marc Baptiste makes Suzi Roher’s black contoured cinch belt as the focal point of the outfit which includes pieces from Vera Wang and Ted Rossi.

Originally debuted during an episode of ABC’s hit comedy “Ugly Betty,” style 5015 is narrower in the back and wider in the front. It is made of luscious black leather and has a matte black turn-key buckle. The belt has a slimming effect on the silhouette. The ensemble was labeled as that of a “High-Tech Hottie” that can make the lower half look “phantom sleek.”

“Style 5015 has an innovative cosmic and futuristic presence that enhances a beautiful part of the female physique,” explains Suzi Roher. “It is a transitional accessory that is both dressy for business and comfortable for pleasure.”

Suzi Roher creates her eclectic, custom, handmade belts in the belief that women appreciate an element of fantasy. Some styles in her collection include belts with elastic under the hardware creating versatility and adjustability, that do not sacrifice comfort for style. Today, Suzi Roher’s handmade belts may be found at prestigious merchants throughout the United States, Canada, UK and Europe. Determined to maintain the most rigorous quality control, Roher personally oversees the manufacture of her designs from her own factory in Toronto.

Cosmopolitan has 58 international editions, is printed in 34 languages and is distributed in more than 100 countries. Former The Hills and Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad is featured on the July 2009 cover. Style #5220 was featured in Cosmopolitan in June and Style #5299 is featured in July 2009 issue of Real Simple Magazine.

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