Suzi Roher Scarf Guide

Suzi Roher Scarf Guide

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Here at SUZI ROHER, we sell high-quality scarves and shawls for every occasion and taste. We only use the finest quality fabrics and dyes, and all of our scarves are made in Italy. Extraordinary care is taken to design each unique art piece, so each of the scarves are limited editions and won't last long!

In addition to our various fabrications in all shapes and sizes, our best-selling scarves are made from silk and modal. When you wrap yourself in one of our scarves, you will experience soft and gentle comfort that lasts all day. Our modal and silk blend is sturdy and functional yet luxurious on the skin.

In honor of our creations, we have reserved special names for the different sized scarves:

  • Cristina
  • Kim
  • Lily

This guide gives you an idea of how we separate our scarf styles. We make it easy for you to shop for the right scarf to meet your needs. After all, no wardrobe is complete without a lovely, luxurious scarf.

Silk And Modal Scarves

These scarves are all made with the same material composition: 85% modal and 15% silk. They are all made in Italy and digitally printed featuring original artwork designed by SUZI ROHER.

With original art prints on our scarves (created by Suzi Roher herself), you're wearing a unique piece of artwork around your neck. Many patterns are limited edition and only available for a short period of time. When you see a design that you like, consider purchasing it right away — once it's sold out, there's no guarantee that it will come back in stock.

CRistina Scarves

Cristina's are our big square size (145 x 145 cm).
They are avalible in various inspired original prints. You're sure to turn heads and spark conversations when you wear them! Cristina oversized square shape offers lots of versatility in wear. You can use this piece as a scarf, shawl, head wrap, foldered to a rectangle, a kimono and many more way.
Visit our shopping page t
o view Cristina for yourself and see why she's our best-seller.

Kim Scarves

Measuring 140 x 110 cm, Kim gives off a light and fun feeling with unique original artwork. She is slightly shorter then Cristina, so she has a rectangular shape. Kim scarves are also versatile and can be worn in many ways, like Cristina.
If you are interested in our Kim collection, you can find them on our Kim scarf collection.

Lily Scarves

Lily (our "Mini" scarf) is the smallest of the three (110 x 70 cm), but don't let her size fool you. She is just as beautiful and spunky as her counterparts. Lily also comes in a wide range of colors and prints and adds a fabulous final touch to any ensemble.

Even though Lily is smaller than other scarves, you can still wear her in various ways. For instance, she makes a great hair tie or the perfect addition to any blazer. Shop for here on our Lily scarves.

Other Scarf Styles

We carry a selection of other scarf styles with many colors and designs.

Not into the digital prints? We also have solid traditional options for those who like to stick with the classics. Solid colors are one hue with no images, while ombre refers to color-transitioning gradients. For example, an ombre scarf might start a blue shade, transition into a purple one, then into a pink. Ombre scarves are popular because you can match them with any attire.

Additionally, if you have allergies to certain fabrics, fear not because we have many materials to choose from. We even have some scarves that are 100% cotton for extra sensitive skin.

Rectangle Scarves

When most people think of a scarf, they picture traditional rectangular ones. We sell rectangle scarves that are brimming with potential. They are available with or without graphic prints. Like all our other scarves, these are also made in Italy.
See our
full collection of Rectangle scarves online if you're looking for a traditional scarf.

With Graphic Artwork

If you want graphic artwork printed on a classic rectangle shape, they come in a 70x200 cm size. The fabrication may include modal, silk, and wool. Modal is eco-friendly, strong/durable, soft, and blends well with other fabrics. Silk is gentle on the skin, durable, hypoallergenic, naturally sourced, and helps skin retain moisture. Wool helps you stay warm and dry because it's water repellant, breathable, and soft on the skin. 

Without Graphic Artwork

Scarves that do not feature graphic artwork will measure 65-70 cm tall and 195-200 cm wide. The material blend may contain:

  • Modal
  • Viscose
  • Cotton
  • Polyester 

These materials are breathable, durable, and moisture-wicking — ideal for any season.

Ombre Scarves

Ombre scarves do not feature graphic artwork but a gradient of multicolored blends. They are typically 145x145cm, and their material blends are often made of:

  • Modal
  • Silk
  • Viscose
  • Cupro
  • Polyamide

Cupro and polyamide are both breathable, and low-maintenance.

Our Ombre collection can be found on our online, view the Ombre scarves here.

Additionally, our creations are made for everyday use, meaning that they:

Work for Any Season


Modal, silk, or cotton blends work for warm spring days and can keep you warm and cozy during cooler spring evenings. Nothing says spring like a beautiful breezy scarf in a pastel hue or floral pattern.


Light modal, silk, or cotton blends also work well for hot summer days by allowing ample breathability and airflow. You could even use it as a cover-up while at the beach or by the pool.


Modal, silk or wool blends will keep you warm on windy fall mornings. It's the perfect accessory for those days that begin cool but warm up as the day goes on.


Avoid feeling the chill of winter in our cozy modal-wool or cashmere blends. These fabrications are also excellent for keeping you nice and dry in the snow.

Work with Any Outfit


Going to an elegant party or event? Drape one of our chic shawls around your shoulders for a timeless, classy look. If you're planning on attending a less formal affair, dress down your scarf with a more casual skirt.


Who says scarves aren't for summer weather? Many of our blends are breathable, and perfect for warmer temperatures. Tie one of our lightweight fabric scarves around your neck and add a fun touch to your summer outfits while keeping the sun off your shoulders.


Sweaters and scarves go hand-in-hand. Our warm blends will help you stay toasty and dry in chilling climates. Add extra style to your winter wardrobe by wearing one of our radiant, colorful wraps to brighten up those gray winter afternoons.


You can never go wrong with pairing your jackets with one of our scarves. They go great together and will help spice up your attire. On top of being chic, you can stay warm. Some of our blends are especially great for wearing all year-round.


Planning a day at the beach or by the pool-side? Use our larger scarf (Cristina) as a quick cover-up over your bikini! It's a great way to cover up while staying cool.

Works for Any Event


Give your date something to talk about by wearing our spunky avant-garde prints to dinner. Scarves are lovely to wear on dates because they add versatility to your clothes. Wear it:

  • Over your head
  • Around your neck
  • Draped over your shoulders
  • Around your waist (like a belt)
  • As a hair accessory (hairband, hair bow, etc.)

The possibilities are endless!


Inspire envy in your party guests as they covet your stylish new accessory. Change up how you wear it depending on the party's dress code. If the party is formal, wear it as a wrap or shawl to give off a more regal appearance. For informal events, dress down with casual wear and change up the position of the scarf.

There are various ways you can tie the scarf around your neck, including but not limited to:

  • Loop knot
  • Cowl style
  • French knot
  • Braided style
  • Pretzal style
  • Bow
  • Cape style


Whether you're a wedding guest or the bride-to-be, you can easily style one of our designer scarves. You could also purchase one of our lovely scarves as a gift for the lovely couple. Who doesn't like the gift of style?


Create a buzz around the office as everyone tries to guess where you found your brand-new wrap. Business attire pairs nicely with our scarves because you can dress up or down your outfits with them.

Add a pop of color to your office dress or suit to make an eye-catching statement, or go for a softer, more polished look with a neutral-toned one. You could also have the best of both worlds by choosing a neutral tone in a funky pattern. This way, it's not too bold but won't fade into the background.

Shop Suzi Roher Scarves

We place quality and excellence above all. You won't be disappointed when you purchase a SUZI ROHER scarf because each one is expertly created and digitally printed with care. Additionally, you are guaranteed to find a scarf in our collection that fits your lifestyle and preferences. You can visit our retail store in Toronto, or shop online from the comfort of your home.

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