Personal Fashion Stylist

Suzi Roher has been the personal fashion stylist for women across the world and all of Toronto. Her keen eye for beautiful pieces of clothing have given new life to many wardrobes. When shopping for her clients, she is often shopping for herself and for her store in Toronto.

personal fashion stylist in toronto suzi roher

Having Suzi Roher as a personal fashion stylist has lifted a tremendous weight off of her client's minds. Suzi, with her lovely and loyal team are always happy to talk and share in life's experiences. These are the bonds that create an incredible understanding for her client's needs and personal style.

It makes a huge difference to understand where you are coming from. It makes an even bigger difference to understand your style and your fit. Suzi takes her time to really get to know you and how you can benefit from her personal stylist experience. It isn't easy to find a personal stylist that gets you, and Suzi knows this fact very well. This is why she is always patient and understanding of your problems and your needs.

Personal Shopper: Online, Over the Phone, and In-Store!

Meetings with designer brands are spent closely examining their entire line for pieces that will suit her clients perfectly. Suzi and her team of stylists work hard to form close relationships with clients. Each phone call or in-store meeting is a dedicated one-on-one experience.

We love to hear from you from time to time. How have you been doing? It's not all about the clothes, you know! We are genuinely interested in you as a person. Believe it or not, this actually does help us to do our job better! Picking the right style of clothes for you is all about knowing you, not just your fit.

Personal Wardrobe Stylist & Consulting

Over time, our favourite clothes wear down and lose their luster. Adding one or two items to a wardrobe feels like it barely puts a dent towards fixing the overall problem. Sometimes it feels like everything must go and the entire wardrobe must be started from scratch.

Build Your Wardrobe: One Outfit At a Time

We love to get you in our store to try on our favourite new finds. We are always picking and choosing the most gorgeous combinations because these are the combinations WE would love to wear, too! 

It isn't a coincidence that most of our clients will buy an entire outfit at a time. We will find the perfect combination for something that looks so great and is just as comfortable for you to wear.

Have a Special Evening Planned?

We have you covered, literally! Let us know exactly what you are looking for and we will get you an outfit that is guaranteed to make you smile. Our store is just the tip of the iceberg, so don't hesitate to ask "What else you got?". We are very resourceful and can make things happen for you.

How much does it cost to hire a wardrobe stylist?

At Suzi Roher, we don’t charge for our stylist services! We are here to help you find all the beautiful pieces to your wardrobe. We keep a strong collection of incredible pieces that are available in our store, but our real value shines by acquiring new fashion pieces before they’ve even hit the shelves!

Our personal fashion stylist service is completely free. Save on stylist costs with Suzi Roher and free up your budget for what really matters: the clothes! We are our own retail store and we have the ability to source incredible pieces of clothing from all over the world. We are happy to connect you to all of our favourite creators, while also making you feel incredible in your own body. 

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