Travel Style Tips, Looks and Must Have Items

Travel Style Tips, Looks and Must Have Items

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Do you spend hours trying to pack the perfect wardrobe for a trip, only to arrive at your destination and find you are unhappy with everything you brought? Most of us consistently over or under pack and we almost always forget important items like a dress to go for dinner or a small purse.  Our Travel Style Tips, Looks and Must Have Items blog will help you travel in style, pack quickly and never be left without an item you need. Let’s get packing! 

5 Tips For Perfect Packing:

1. Versatility is key!

If you can wear an item more than once, or style it for different occasions you will save valuable space in your luggage. Look for great basic pieces in neutral colours, these pieces can be dressed up or down. We’ve styled this gorgeous dress from Planet in two ways: 

Look One: 
Scarf: Our Deconstructing Boundaries scarf is a luxurious blend of silk and modal. It’s blue, grey-white, and black colour pallet looks great with almost any outfit – even simple jeans. 
Jacket: This beautiful perforated leather jacket by Jakett is the perfect light layer that can be worn from day to night and is machine washable.
Belt: Our Roberta belt will add statement and style to all your summer looks. Her woven leather stretch strap makes her comfortable for all day wear and lightweight for travel.
Shoes: There is no reason why you can’t have both comfy and stylish footwear. These sneakers by Alexander Smith have a modern fashionable look with a sole like a trampoline to keep you walking all day long.
Dress: This Dress from Planet is made from a matte jersey techno fabric, this means it won’t wrinkle, it’s super soft, and totally machine washable. The perfect travel companion.

Look Two: 
We’ve kept the same great basic navy Planet dress, leather jacket and sneakers. Then by simply replacing the accessories, we are left with a whole new look!
Belt: With coloured elastic peaking through the circular hardware, Rizo will give you a seamless look from front to back. She slides easily through jean loops or is a great accent on a dress.
Scarf: Out Of The Ordinary-Blues

2. Techno Fabrics are your BFF

At Suzi Roher we love techno fabrics, especially for travel. Techno fabrics can be pulled straight out of your luggage and will look and feel amazing all day long. And most of them are usually machine or hand washable.

Get The Look
Women Of Action
Tee: A Suzi Roher graphic tee is a great travel basic, you can dress it up or down and it will add colour and interest to any outfit.
Jacket: This is the same great jacket as our first two looks (hint, hint more versatility!), it really goes with everything and the flexible wire in the collar and cuffs mean you can style it in multiple ways and it will keep its shape.
Belt: The Aria belt is another one of our completely adjustable belts, simply adjust the parachute back so it sits on the body where you need it.
Tote: A great lightweight tote bag is perfect for a day of shopping or a trip to the beach, stash away everything you need for your day. This tote is one of our Suzi Roher in-store exclusives! It’s hand made in our Toronto Studio with leather to leather structure for beauty inside and out.


3. Take advantage of Waist to hip belts

Suzi Roher belts like Rita, Mazie and Anna have an adjustable band size – we call parachutes - this means you can wear them anywhere from waist to hip! With the flexibility to fit anywhere on your body each belt will work for multiple outfits as you travel. Making sure you always have a finished look, from dresses to jeans.

4. Pack a SUZI ROHER scarf

A Suzi Roher scarf has so many uses for travel. You can use yours to stay cozy on a plane, add colour to your outfit, or even as a sarong on the beach. Learn more ways to wear your scarf here. Some of our favourite scarves for travel are Lauren and Late for Dinner. They have a great design for wearing as a Kimono or wrapped with a variety of colours, so they are sure to complement any packed wardrobe!

5. Stick to a colour pallet

Choosing a colour palette you love will help you mix and match all pieces in your travel wardrobe. Once you have your pallet you can start getting creative with your style on holiday with an endless mix of outfit options. Your luggage will also be lighter because you can wear the same jacket and shoes with multiple looks.

In this look, we’ve used a white monochromatic base and added a fun pop of colour with accessories. 

Get The Look
Our Beautiful Conversations scarf is great for travel because it is so colourful, you can tie it in different ways to show off a particular colour and wear it with any outfit.  
Belt: This belt Libby, will transition perfectly from your pant loops to a dress. Libby is all stretch and is super lightweight! What more could you ask for?
Jacket: This jacket from Suncoo is a great layering piece, it’s perfectly styled over a dress to keep you warm on a cool evening, or pair it with jeans for explori­­ng! 
Top + Pants: These two pieces are both washable silk, perfect for summer travelling. The tank top is an amazing layering piece, and the silky texture gives it an elevated air. While the silk cargo pants will take you from day to night; wear them long or rolled just past the ankle for an alternative look. 

To sum it all up, our must-have pieces for your trip:

1. Suzi Roher scarf
2. Waist to hip Suzi Roher belt
3. Great sneakers
4. Stylish jeans
5. Suzi Roher Kimono
6. Techno fabric dress
7. Small Purse
8. Washable leather jacket
9. A Suzi Roher Tee


We hope these tips will help relieve some of the stress that comes with packing. If you need any help putting together a great travel wardrobe you can book an appointment with one of our stylists. We can dress you head to toe, and teach you some helpful travel hacks! 


Happy Packing! 

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