The Perfect Travel Scarf and Why You Need One...or Two!

The Perfect Travel Scarf and Why You Need One...or Two!

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The first official days of summer are fast approaching and our time will be filled with drinks on the patio, soaking up the sun and of course summer holidays! Whether you are spending a weekend at the cottage or travelling somewhere exotic for a well-deserved vacation, there is one accessory you can’t leave home without… your Suzi Roher scarf! This MUST HAVE accessory for travel is extremely versatile, adding beautiful colour and depth to any outfit. With a blend of silk and model, they are breathable, lightweight and always hand washable.
The perfect travel scarf – something that you can transform into everything you need on your travels!

Here are our top 5 tips for using your Suzi Roher scarf for travel;

1. Stay Warm On Planes And Trains

Planes and trains are notorious for their frigid atmospheres; stay warm and cozy by bundling up in your soft Suzi Roher scarf.

Our favourite way to bundle up in a Suzi Roher scarf is to fold your scarf into a triangle, then with the point facing down wrap the edges around your neck. This will keep you warm while adding beautiful colour to your outfit.

Scarf pictured: WOMEN OF ACTION
Woman of Action honours the 51 women Nobel prize winners.
Wouldn’t you love to spend a leisurely lunch with anyone of them? That lunch would blow my mind.  


2. Shield the sun

Too hot for a jacket but want to keep the sun off your shoulders? Try wrapping your Suzi Roher scarf as a shawl! Our beautiful blend of silk and modal makes our scarves a great breathable lightweight layer for a sunny day. Keeping you cool and protected from the sun.
Follow this tutorial to tie your scarf as a secure shawl.

 Scarf pictured: CAFE LEOPOLD
An old-time Viennese cafe opened in 1939 and run by three generations of the same family. Josephine and Leopold ran the restaurant together for 66 years, during that time it was a meeting point for politicians, writers, artists and critics.


3. Cover Up On The Beach

Keep your packing simple and skip the cover-up. Tie your perfect travel scarf as a sarong or a dress as you walk around the beach or poolside. This also gives you a chance to show off the beautiful original artwork.

Scarf pictured: THAI WALL
Old, textured, cracked, and aged, walls in Bangkok. If only they could talk.

 4. Dress up with a Kimono

When you’re headed out to dinner add a luscious layer that will dress up your look! By tying your Suzi Roher scarf into a Kimono you will get a soft flowing layer, as well as a great conversation piece.
Follow this tutorial to learn how to tie your perfect travel scarf as a kimono

 Scarf pictured: TOUT EST POSSIBLE

Everything is possible! Follow your dreams. Aim high and dream big.


5. Wrap your head

Whether you're on state highway 1 down the California coast or boating at the cottage, don't let the wind ruin your hair. Take some inspiration from Jackie-O and wrap your head in your colourful scarf. You can take this look to the next level by adding some great sunglasses!

Scarf pictured: LATE FOR DINNER
This cowboy can’t wait to get home and embrace his honey.
Hopefully, dinner is not getting cold.


Find the perfect travel scarf (or two) to accompany you on your next trip check out our newest collection, full of beautiful prints and colours for summer. Each of our scarves features an original design, that is a true marriage between art and fashion. Every piece tells a story or shares a message.

A Suzi Roher scarf will end up being the most versatile piece you pack. Which one will you take with you on your summer adventure?

Bon Voyage!

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