Introducing Suzi Roher Scarves

We are incredibly excited to introduce to the world our brand new line of Suzi Roher Scarves! Naturally forming the focal point of any outfit, scarves are an intimate accessory. Suzi Roher Scarves acknowledge this intimacy with their luxurious softness and gorgeous colouring.

The scarves are all made by hand from Italian cashmere, silk, and modal yarns in Italian artisanal mills. It is not only the lush fabrics that make Suzi Roher Scarves heavenly to the touch, but each scarf undergoes a rare and unique treatment of dyeing and washing that leaves the scarf fabulously airy with exceptionally rich colouring. As opposed to most scarves that are produced based on limited yarn colours available, we buy neutral color yarn and dye it our own colours. The impact is two fold - the colours have more depth, and we are able to select a distinct palette of colours based on the trends of the season.

Say hello to the Suzi Roher Nina Foto Scarves

The Nina Foto scarves all contain original art and photography that dissolves into obscured forms and beautifully layered colours when it's worn. The unique colouring combined with the incredibly high quality fabrics make these scarves a must have!

We'll have more scarf images and info in the next few days so be sure to tune in!

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